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5 Tips to Start Your Own Running Routine

Posted by Carlson Chiropractic on Dec 30, 2016 8:12:00 AM

5 Tips to Start Your Own Running Routine!

Experienced runners have routines that they tend to follow extremely closely. For many, these routines were slowly developed across the years. Others went out of their way to figure out which routine works best for their body and mind. Abide by the following tips and you just might develop a running routine that you adhere to across posterity.



Start out Easy

Plenty of us start running because we feel guilty about gaining weight or eating certain comfort foods. Unfortunately, a large percentage of “newbie” runners will start out running with a full-fledged sprint. This is a grave mistake. Don't view running as a means of punishing yourself for eating fatty foods or being lazy. Ease your way into each run by starting out with stretches. Move on to light jogging and eventually ramp up your speed. Doing so will make running less of a burden and greatly decrease the odds of an injury.

Take a Break

As we learn more about running and the human body, it is becoming quite clear that “interval” running is more effective than traditional running. Interval running involves running at one speed, taking a short break and then running at a completely different speed. Breaks are mixed in to provide the runner with relief. Yet these breaks also help the body stay in shape. The last thing you want is a nasty running injury that keeps you off the track for weeks or months. So don't hesitate to give yourself breaks in between laps. The brief pause will let you catch your breath and give your tired joints and muscles some much needed rest.

Listen to Your Body

Though you are attempting to establish a routine, this does not mean that you have to adhere to its specifics every single week. If you feel any pains, do not ignore them. Pay close attention to your body. If pains or soreness worsens when running, it is a sign that you need more rest. Listen to your body and you'll greatly increase the odds of establishing a running routine over the long-haul as you'll be able to prevent injuries that could potentially hobble you for months.

Make More Than a Mental Commitment

It is often said that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. If you attempt to get into a running routine while donning an old pair of sneakers, it likely won't last. One of the leading causes of injury is worn-out sneakers. Make the financial commitment to running by shelling out some money for a high-quality pair of running sneakers. Get them from a specialty running store where you can find the proper help with finding a pair of sneakers that provide ample support for your idiosyncratic feet.

Pick the Route That is Best for You

You can run just about anywhere: the beach, the road, the woods, trails or a treadmill. Yet the running route that appeals most to you might not be the same as the route that appeals to a friend or spouse. Figure out which environment makes you feel the safest and the most motivated. Once you have mapped out your route, stick to it so you know exactly what types of challenges lie ahead.

Before you start any exercise routine, make sure you consult with a doctor. Call Carlson Chiropractic today for some advice on running. 

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