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6 Tips to Ease Back into an Exercise Routine

Posted by Carlson on Apr 25, 2016 1:45:47 PM

exercise imageNow that warmer weather is upon us many people are finding the inspiration to set fitness goals. However, after a long, cold winter spent cuddled up on the couch it can be difficult to work up the motivation to begin an exercise routine. Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid injury as you begin easing back into working out after a long winter break.

  1. Find your motivation
    It is easy to make excuses and find reasons not to work out. Always remind yourself of what motivated you to get fit in the first place. Is there a special occasion you want to look good for? Do you want to avoid health problems related to weight gain? Do you want to be better able to keep up with your kids (or grandkids)? Let your motivation drive you to reach your fitness goals.
  1. Start small
    Doing too much too soon can be overwhelming and can leave you with injuries because your body is not prepared for the sudden increase in activity. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of low impact exercise a day and work your way up from there.
  1. Warm up and cool down
    Be sure to stretch and loosen your muscles before you begin exercise. After you exercise, a cool-down period is essential to let your heart return to its resting rate as well as reduce post-exercise muscles soreness.
  1. Focus on form
    Go slow and make deliberate movements. Proper technique and form is essential if you want to avoid injury.
  1. Take a rest day
    Rest days are key to long-term wellness. Your body needs the extra time to rest and repair after all the work you have put it through.
  1. Stay hydrated
    Drink plenty of water when exercising! Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent injury.

At Carlson Chiropractic it is our goal to help you on your path to wellness and adopting an exercise routine is a great step! Before you begin a new fitness routine, especially if you have pre-existing mobility issues, contact us to have our team work with you to develop a safe and effective plan. If you encounter any injuries or find yourself feeling sore after a work out chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free way to alleviate pain.

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