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7 Best Blogs to Follow about Raising Healthy Kids

Posted by Carlson Chiropractic on Aug 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent, and these days families are juggling so much between work and home, that it’s pretty difficult to hit all the marks all the time. To help our patients cope, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most insightful mommy bloggers whose insights on raising healthy kids while balancing the work/family loads are among the best and most useful around.

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I Am Not the Babysitter
I Am Not the Babysitter offers ongoing advice about raising children from the point of view of a mother of two raucous boys- one her own, and the other adopted from far off Ethiopia. The author frequently, and comically, laments about being mistaken for the babysitter of two unrelated children- while the babysitter gets mistaken for the mother!
This highly readable blog is narrative driven and details personal lifestyle decisions like homeschooling and different parenting approaches. It also sheds light on important issues such as same-sex marriage and clean water in Ethiopia.
Jolly Mom
Piera Jolly, the blogger behind Jolly Mom, one of the most visually and stylistically beautiful and well-designed blogs for moms currently available- offers useful crafting tips, product reviews, recipes, and many helpful giveaways. Every parent needs tips on frugal living and bargains to keep things running smoothly, and this is one of the best resources around.
Top Mommy Blogs
Top Mommy Blogs is written by a vibrant network of mommy bloggers. It provides many useful links to other blogs, and a very active discussion board- the "TMB Lounge." Moms are invited to promote their own blogs, share funny parenting stories and trade dieting tips and secrets. Choose from any parenting or family topic and see a collection of blogs covering everything from adoption to frugal living.
Screen Play
Jeana Lee Tahnk’s blog is found at the website of Parenting Magazine. She discusses the meeting place between technology and parenting, and reviews gadgets and apps for modern families. When it comes to resources for discerning parents to learn to choose which devices and media are best for kids, Screen Play is hard to beat.
DIY Inspired
Dinah, the creative brainiac behind the popular DIY Inspired blog, encourages her readers to enter their own creative DIY ideas and features other insightful bloggers as well. DIY Inspired helps moms of all types to take advantage of useful and inventive ways to spruce up the home, save money, and to capitalize on the endless utility of DIY ideas. Dinah likes to cover crafts that help parents save money on expensive baby/child necessities and encourages moms to get their kids involved in the creative process.
Make it or Fix it Yourself
Another terrific resource for the resourceful- Make it or Fix it Yourself is an ongoing DIY parenting guide to help parents get the information they need to give children all the guidance and support necessary without relying overly on outside sources. Author Sharon Hodge offers endless crafting and living advice from home improvement to better child care practices.
Obviously Marvelous
Marcie, the stay-at-home mother, and author of Obviously Marvelous, writes stories about raising her three children and the many challenges that she and her family face. She posts an ongoing bucket list to give other stay-at-home parents the inspiration to keep active and to continue to seek adventure- an ethic that helps kids to treat their own imaginations as a precious resource.

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