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Gardening: 5 Tips to Avoid Pain & Strain

Posted by Carlson on Apr 25, 2016 1:29:15 PM

Tips for Pain Free GardeningNow that spring and warmer weather have finally arrived everyone is eager to spend more time outdoors. Gardening is a fantastic outdoor hobby. There’s nothing like pulling up your sleeves and planting your favorite fruits, veggies and flowers to enjoy later in the season. Many people think of gardening as a relaxing activity, which it is. But be sure to take note that with all the bending, lifting and stretching involved, gardening can actually be a fairly straining activity, especially for your back.

Before you head outside to tackle your lawn or start planting your garden, take a look at these simple tips to help prevent pain and strain.

  1. Stretch
    Stretch your arms, legs and back to loosen and warm up your muscles before engaging in any strenuous activity.
  1. Drink water
    Bring a water bottle with you as you garden or do yard work. Staying hydrated helps prevent pain and even injuries.
  1. Don’t stoop
    You are more likely to cause back pain when you stoop in uncomfortable positions and stretch your back out. Instead of crouching, bring a small chair or invest in kneepads to make kneeling more comfortable.
  1. Don’t lift too much
    Bags of soil and mulch can be surprisingly heavy. Use good form when lifting heavy objects or ask for help. Use a wheelbarrow to transport heavy objects to give your back a break.
  1. Take breaks
    Don’t try to do too much too soon. Take regular breaks, like you would with any other outdoor activity to avoid fatigue and injury.

With all that digging, crouching, and lifting and more gardening can be just as strenuous as a work out at the gym! Before you start contact us, especially if you have pre-existing mobility issues so our team can help you plan a safe afternoon in the garden.

And as always, if you experience any pain or discomfort after a long, hard day working in the yard chiropractic care is a safe and effective drug-free means of treatment.

Read more on this subject at Prevention.com, or check out our past blog, Yard Work Safety Tips.


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