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Chronic Pain Sufferer? Here are 6 root causes.

Posted by Carlson on Apr 25, 2016 10:54:40 AM

chronic painDo you suffer from chronic pain? Before you reach for a bottle of pain reliever, realize that this is only a temporary fix. To really resolve chronic pain, you need to dig deep to get to root of the problem—inflammation. Inflammation operates on two levels: primary and secondary (chronic).

Primary inflammation is your body’s normal repair and detoxification process. When you walk, breathe, exercise and move your body must eliminate toxins and repair cellular injuries. You may not even be aware of primary inflammation working its magic, because it is usually a pain-free experience.

However, when primary inflammation doesn’t do the trick, secondary inflammation kicks in. This is when your body becomes swollen and painful. If your pain is severe enough your doctor may prescribe pills to relieve (not eliminate) the pain.

Here’s the catch: if you are on painkillers for an extended period of time you will need regular liver blood panel tests. Painkillers can actually shut down your body’s primary pathway of detoxification, thus prolonging the never-ending cycle of inflammation and pain.

So what can you do to get to the root cause of inflammation and pain? The following list will give you an idea of what lifestyle changes you can make to defeat chronic pain.

  1. Get more sleep!
    Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to an elevated immune response and chronic inflammation.
  1. Omega 3’s
    Make sure to get enough Omega 3’s in your diet, whether through consuming certain fish or through daily supplements.
  1. Get your greens
    Make sure to include plenty of green foods in your daily diet. Green fruits and veggies are full of enzymes, nutrients, and phytochemicals, which can bolster and repair your cells.
  1. Focus on your gut’s health
    Did you know that almost 80% of your body’s immune system is housed in your gut? Eat foods loaded with prebiotics and probiotics to keep your gut working efficiently.
  1. Stay hydrated
    Water makes up over half you body weight, and is constantly being lost through sweating. The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking at least 2-3 liters a day for proper hydration.
  1. Get tested for food sensitivities
    Although you may not be allergic to certain foods, you may have food sensitivities, which can trigger inflammation and autoimmune diseases. If you are worried that specific foods may be causing you trouble Carlson Chiropractic Center has excellent food sensitivity testing which can identify problem foods and help you eliminate them from your diet.

Remember, pain is not necessarily a bad thing. It is your body’s way of warning you of a deeper problem. Listen to the signals your body is sending and take action! To learn more about reducing inflammation and living an overall wellness lifestyle contact us today. At Carlson Chiropractic Center, we are committed to bringing you better health, and a better way of life.

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