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A Family-Owned Chiropractic Center that Cares for You

downloadCarlson Chiropractic Center celebrates 18 years of business in 2021. The welcoming nature of the community and the passion of Steve and Heather Carlson attribute to the success and growth.

Dr. Steve and Heather Carlson Bring Chiropractic Care to Joplin

The Carlsons are both from Kansas but moved to Joplin eighteen years ago from Florida to provide Chiropractic care to the community. Joplin felt closer to home and the values they shared and allowed them to start a new business and offer the standard of service that the couple wanted to see for the region. “We picked Joplin;  we called the chamber back then; they were absolutely amazing at helping us get the information that we needed to put us in contact with local realtors and bankers,” Heather Carlson shared. “We have not regretted one day of picking Joplin for our home to raise our family and to start our business here as well. Because of that, we feel that strong desire to give back to our community.”

Why Bringing Quality Chiropractic Care to the Community Matters

Steve and Heather Carlson set goals to bring wellness to Joplin. The midwest is so full of hard-working people who serve their families and love their neighbors. Patients at Carlson Chiropractic Center rely on quality care to ensure that they can keep moving and enjoying their lives. Many patients have previously spent extended time at rest or relied on medications to keep pain at bay. Chiropractic Care like decompression therapy and regular care can lessen pain and delay surgical procedures so that people can spend more quality time enjoying time with family. “We all work too hard not to be able to do that.” Heather Carlson

Bringing Family Values to Each Appointment 

Chiropractic care can focus on various preventative measures that can care for a wide range of family members. Babies and grandmothers alike can benefit from chiropractic care by utilizing manual adjustments, muscle stimulation, or nutrition to reduce pain medications and delay surgical options. Spinal health is critical for all ages and affects a person’s mobility and energy levels, immune health, and core strength.

Additionally, chiropractic care can bring an added quality of life to families. When people feel better, they love and care for one another better. A father may return to work when physical therapy is utilized over pain medications. A mother can have full mobility for an extended day of activities with families after work, and grandparents can fully engage with kids at the playground.

Bringing Skills and Team Together to Serve the Well Being of Patients

Taking care of the spine is a good habit for life. The Carlson Chiropractic Center brings together a team of four doctors with various specialized aspects for spinal treatment. Their newest doctor, Dr. Schneweis, previously worked with the Seattle Seahawks and plans to focus on athletic performance and utilize spinal care to help athletes reach their full potential without lengthy downtime due to strain and aches while working towards their goals. Dr. Schneweis brings his specialty experience to a team with expertise in treating.

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