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5 Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

5 Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

What do Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, the U.S. Olympic teams, Michael Phelps and Cristiano Ronaldo all have in common? They all rely on chiropractors to stay one step ahead of the game. Being a professional athlete takes an enormous toll on your body. Any elite athlete knows slight muscle twinges can quickly become big problems. 

While most consider chiropractic care in times of injury, a holistic wellness plan incorporates chiropractic practices to keep optimal performance and prevent injury. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Decreased recovery time
  3. Reduced joint pain and stiffness
  4. Pain relief
  5. Increase range of motion (ROM)

Increased Flexibility

Chiropractors are trained in understanding the musculature of patients. Causes of diminished flexibility include misalignment, inflammation, myofascial trigger points, or compensating for an injury.  Chiropractors have a range of treatment options. Therapy can restore the muscle back to its natural state, allowing it to relax and be flexible once more.

Decreased Recovery Time

Exercise puts a lot of wear and tear on one's body. Consistent chiropractic treatment can help decrease recovery time by allowing blood and oxygen to better flow to the muscles.

Reduced Joint Pain and Stiffness

Chiropractic care has been proven to be more effective than medication alone at reducing acute neck pain in adults when combined with home exercises.

A 2017 meta-analysis reviewed 15 studies and concluded: "that spinal manipulative therapy can modestly improve pain and function in people with acute low-back pain."

benefits of chiropractic

Pain Relief

A chiropractor's advanced knowledge of the human body's musculature can also benefit people dealing with all kinds of health issues. Often patients who suffer chronic pain may consult multiple doctors and visit a chiropractor as a last resort, but they leave pain-free. That's life-changing for them. Pain can create a hopeless feeling of "this is forever" and with proper chiropractic treatment, patients can once again enjoy a pain-free quality of life. 

Increased Range of Motion

It isn't too late to troubleshoot and fix a limited range of motion. Even patients living with decades of reduced range of motion can have their lives dramatically improved with treatment.  Clearly, it isn't just pro athletes that might want pain relief or increase their range of motion. Chiropractors can change the lives of people living with chronic injuries that have affected them for years.

While ice, elevation, and rest may help people heal from sprains and strains, serious and chronic conditions require a more hands-on approach. For many reasons, chiropractors are a surgery-free, medicine-free, safe and convenient way to treat musculoskeletal problems affecting anyone. 


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