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3 Reasons to Drink More Water

Posted by Carlson Chiropractic on Jul 15, 2016 10:14:39 AM

With the summer heat, hydration should be something that is important to everyone. We tend to think of it more when we're sweating our guts out, but our bodies give us signals of dehydration even when we're not outside soaking up the sun. Many people don't know why it is important to stay hydrated. So here are a few fun facts that will hopefully help you remember to drink more water and stay hydrated this summer and throughout the year!

Your brain is 75% water. That's right, the main control center of all of your body functions is mostly water. I don't know about you, but my brain is something that I want working at 100%. Staying hydrated can help maintain good brain function, which is important for being healthy. Drinking plenty of water will also help with energy levels. Oftentimes, when your body is dehydrated, you will feel sluggish or tired. Drinking more water can help you stay energized and focused. So next time you feel like you're dragging, try drinking water instead of a caffeinated or sugary beverage and give your body what it needs!

Drinking water will help keep your insides clean. It's true. Just like good hygiene is important for health, staying hydrated will allow your body to rid itself of toxins and metabolic waste products. The kidneys are the body's main filter and when a person is dehydrated, the kidneys have to work overtime to try to keep things clean. Over time, this can lead to major issues. Be nice to your kidneys, drink more water.

Your blood is 83% water. When there is not enough water in the body, the blood becomes more thick than it should be. As the blood becomes thicker, the heart has to do more work to pump the blood. If the heart has to work that hard for a long time, there will start to be an effect on the entire cardiovascular system. The good thing is, by making sure you drink enough water on a daily basis, you can help your heart work better and be healthier as a result!

Now your question might be, how much water should I drink? Water intake can vary by individual, based on their activity level and time of year. Depending on your current water intake, a good place to start might be 8, 8oz glasses of water a day. While this should be increased as your body gets accustomed to being hydrated, starting there will get things moving in the right direction. If drinking water is difficult for you, there are apps available such as iHydrate and WaterMinder that can help keep track of how much water you have had to drink and remind you if you need to drink more.

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