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3 Things that Contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome

3 Things that Contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome

If you're like millions of others with chronic illness, I'm sure you have used Google to learn more about your condition and try to find a deeper understanding and hopefully how to feel better. While scouring the internet, you have surely come across words like leaky gut. Leaky gut is when the lining of the intestines, which should be semi-permeable (meaning let good things in and keep bad things out) becomes leaky. This allows undigested food and other particles to get through and eventually end up in the blood. Over time, this can cause the immune system to get angry, leading to things like autoimmune disorders (think Hashimoto's, Lupus, etc..), low-grade inflammation, food sensitivities, and a myriad of health conditions.

Getting to the root cause of issues is what we excel at Carlson Chiropractic, and this can be a root cause of your chronic illness. Here are three things that could be causing a leaky gut for you.


1. The food we eat. It's no surprise that the foods we eat can have a positive or negative effect on our health. It may surprise you to learn that not all food affects each individual equally. Of course, gluten and dairy have been getting a lot of press for causing underlying inflammation, but did you know that you could have delayed food sensitivities to lettuce or beef? One of the reasons that one diet doesn't work for every person is because we all have individual sensitivities. You may think you are eating the healthiest diet in the world, but if you are sensitive to lettuce, how healthy is that salad for you? Finding out your individual sensitivities and eliminating those foods from your diet can lower inflammation which has a positive effect on leaky gut and in turn, your chronic condition.

2. Chronic infections, such as H. pylori (a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers) and SIBO or small intestinal bowel overgrowth can cause a leaky gut.

3. Chronic stress raises hormones that damage the gut lining over time. Learn to manage your stress better with meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or even physical exercise.

If you'd like to learn more about how leaky gut can be one of the root causes of your chronic illness and what to do about it, please call our office and ask to attend one of our free classes.

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