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Here are the five best free health and fitness apps available right now.

5 Great Apps to Kick Off Your Summer Fitness Routine


If you're like most people, you feel a guilty compulsion to browse for free iPhone or Android apps that will be massively useful in your everyday life. Maybe you're thinking of some kind of unusual compass app that will make you immune to getting lost, or maybe you're dreaming of some exotic calculator that will make people believe you're a mathematician. Chances are you've wasted at least a few hours looking for an app that will transform you into a super person. Well, if you're interested in being fit- and obsess over the utility of your mobile device- here are five free apps that will help you to eat right, bust calories, and optimize your iPhone all at the same time.

Imagine if you had an app that allowed you to think of yourself as a character in a role-playing game? That’s what Fitocracy does! It puts you in a role where your task is to level-up your abilities by completing missions and gaining experience! Fitocracy offers a range of fun workouts and useful advice. It also comes with a large community of fellow Fitocrats to help you stay motivated.

Understanding what you put into your body is key to improving your health. If you don’t know what your food is made of, you probably won’t be able to put together a diet that benefits you. Fooducate offers users an easy way to look beyond calorie counts and get a real understanding of what you’re eating. Fooducate allows you to track your diet, scan bar codes, and craft a customized nutrition plan. You’ll know exactly why one brand is better than another and eliminate the guessing.

One most difficult challenges of healthy eating is eating out without pigging out. Most restaurants serve very rich foods, intended to be indulgent, not to be good for you. HealthyOut will help you find healthier options on the menu. It makes meal adjustment ideas, so you won’t binge on comfort food, and allows you to scour local restaurants for healthy meals- as well as for foods that comply with certain diets and allergies.

One of the fastest ways to become healthier is simply by drinking more water. Water is the healthiest beverage, and it has lots of benefits for your overall health. Waterlogged is meant to help you keep a record of how much water you are drinking on a day-to-day basis. It allows you to choose between recording your liquid intake using photos or metrics. Waterlogged Premium lets you look at charts and graphs of your progress, with the option for creating automatic reminders to help keep you on track.

The food you put into your body requires a lot more consideration than most people are willing to give it. If you would prefer letting an app do the meal planning for you, Shopwell could be the healthy living app for you. Scan the things you’d normally buy and Shopwell will produce a list of alternatives that are more healthy. Shopwell will incorporate the goals you set out for it- like lowering blood sugar or getting more vitamin B12, and it will help you to avoid any allergens you plug into it as your personal no-nos.

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