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Why We Love Your Spine and You Should Too

Why we love your spine and you should too!

The spine, or backbone as it's commonly called, plays a significant role in the support, flexibility, strength and range of movement that our bodies exhibit. This complicated structure has lots of interconnected and interdependent pieces all working to support your body. Here are three interesting facts about the spine that demonstrate why you should love it and take great care to recognize and report developing problems to a medical professional. 


1. There are four main motions of the spine: side bending (right and left); rotation (pivoting on the body's central axis); extension (backward movement); and flexion (forward movement).

2. There are three primary functions of the spine: protecting nerve structures and the spinal cord; supporting respiratory function and the body itself; and providing for active movement of the trunk.

3. The spine, also referred to as the vertebral column, is composed of multiple vertebrae which are separated by sponge like discs. It is classified into four separate areas. The cervical area contains the seven bony parts of your neck. The thoracic spine is comprised of 12 bony pieces in your back area. The lumbar spine is made up from five bony segments resting in your lower back. The lumbar spine rest atop the sacrum, which is created from the fusion of the five vertebrae.

With this knowledge, you can see why everyone should love their spine as it is very important to the health of your body! It contributes to your everyday well-being. If you do begin to experience discomfort in your spine, consult with us. The professionals at Carlson Chiropractic will love your spine too and help you get back to feeling great! 

Carlson Chiropractic Center is a state of the art health and wellness chiropractic center in Joplin, Missouri. Our team of doctors maintain a strong focus on prevention and are dedicated to helping people achieve wellness objectives by treating neuromuscular complaints such as back, neck, joint, arm and leg pain. As one of the few centers in the area offering certified decompression treatments, we provide a surgery free option for herniated and bulging discs. 

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