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Patient Highlight Aaron Houk

Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight: Aaron Houk

At Carlson Chiropractic, we are always grateful when a patient takes the time to leave us a review. It's the truest testament to successful treatment and lets us know that the work we do is making a difference in the lives of those who visit us.

Best of the many great reviews that we have received over the years, we have decided to highlight a few of these stories in a new series that we are appropriately calling Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlights.

We have selected a handful of patient reviews, reached out to those people and are excited to share their stories with you. 

Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight

Meet Aaron Houk. A Joplin citizen and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Newton County Ambulance. We recently caught up with Aaron to chat with him about his experience with Carlson Chiropractic.


Pre Treatment

Aaron was experiencing daily lower back pain. The pain began causing interruptions in his life, limiting the time he spent with family and the number of activities he could engage in.

Lower back pain can often get out of control and has many causes. For example, it can stem from previous injuries, genetic problems, environmental factors like working conditions, or even strenuous daily tasks. Whatever the cause, lower back pain commonly affects a person’s quality of life as Aaron can now tell you firsthand.

After realizing he could no longer live with the daily pain, Aaron started to research chiropractors in the area. While talking to a coworker about his search, they recommend Carlson Chiropractor Center. His coworker told him that Carlson Chiropractic Center has the best doctors and staff around, all who would be friendly, welcoming, and extremely helpful. Aaron didn't hesitate after this conversation. He called and immediately made an appointment at Carlson Chiropractic Center. . 



“I had my initial consultation, X-rays, and sit down with Dr. Carlson.” Aaron was suffering from an overworked lower back. As Aaron recalls, “Dr. Carlson laid out the plan for treatment, explained everything to me step by step, and took the time to ensure I understood what he was going to do and my role in treatment."

Back pain is most common in working adults. Unfortunately, our bodies might not always cooperate with us as we wish. Pushing through the pain can only make it worse. Aaron received a unique and personalized program that directed him to relief.

As Aaron put it: “The staff at Carlson Chiropractic is very kind and helpful. I get treated like family every time I go to an appointment." It's clear when I walk in "they believe in customer service, in a world where customer service is going away. The plan Dr. Carlson set out for me worked just as described. The kind and caring staff greet me with a smile on their face and by name each visit."

At Carlson, we strive to go beyond the immediate pain and dive into the overall well-being of our patients. We take pride in creating an environment that is welcoming and safe for everyone.


Post Treatment

Thankfully for Aaron, treatment brought him relief and he is now able to get back to living the pain-free, active life he enjoys. 

In Aaron’s own words: “I am grateful to my coworker, who recommend Carlson Chiropractic to me. I recommend Dr. Carlson to anyone who is need of chiropractic care. They are the best!" 

We are happy that Aaron was able to find the relief he needed! Thank you, Aaron, for your review of Carlson Chiropractic.


If you are like Aaron and your back pain is causing you pain in other areas, please contact us today and see how chiropractic care can help you find relief.

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