Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight: Alexin Maliszewski

Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight: Alexin Maliszewski

At Carlson Chiropractic, we are always grateful when a patient takes the time to leave us a review. It's the truest testament to successful treatment and lets us know that the work we do is making a difference in the lives of those who visit us.

Over the years, we have received many great reviews from our patients and have decided to highlight a few of the best stories in a series that we are appropriately calling Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlights.

We have selected a handful of patient reviews, reached out to those people and are excited to share their stories with you.

The Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight

Meet Alexin Maliszewski. A Joplin citizen and local teacher. We recently caught up with Alexin to chat with her about her experience with Carlson Chiropractic.

Pre Treatment

As a teacher, Alexin makes a living investing in children's lives. On a typical day, Alexin teaches everything from music to Spanish. A few months ago, Alexin started to experience neck pain and discomfort, which unfortunately lead to migraines. Being a teacher, this started to limit her range of motion, which lead to limited time with her students.

Unfortunately, migraines can last for hours or days, depending on the person. Migraines create throbbing pain and pulsing feeling on a particular spot on the head. When one is experiencing a migraine, they might become sensitive to lights or sounds and feel nausea; these symptoms made things difficult for Alexin while in the classroom. 


While one who experiences migraines can be prescribed medicine to alleviate the pain, it doesn't always get to the root of the problem. Alexin came to Carlson Chiropractor to go deeper than medicine and find an alternative way to handle her migraines. Alexin started on a regular wellness plan, which included adjustments, therapy, and traction. After each adjustment, Alexin would receive a massage. 

Post Treatment

The relief Alexin felt after her appointments gave her more overall energy and joy in the classroom again. This uninterrupted time in the classroom was so remarkable, Alexin had her family join the Carlson Chiropractic family with regular adjustments.

"We were so impressed with the outcome that our whole family has been patients of Dr. Carlson. We have been with his office for over 5 years now. He listens to our concerns and works to find the source of the problem."

We are happy that Alexin was able to find the relief she needed! Thank you, Alexin, for your review of Carlson Chiropractic.


If you are like Alexin and your neck pain is causing you pain and discomfort, please contact us today and see how chiropractic care can help you find relief.

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