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Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight: Dan Wermuth

At Carlson Chiropractic, we are always grateful when a patient takes the time to leave us a review. It's the truest testament to successful treatment and lets us know that the work we do is making a difference in the lives of those who visit us.

Because of the many great reviews that we have received over the years, we have decided to highlight a few of these stories in a new series that we are appropriately calling Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlights.

We have selected a handful of patient reviews, reached out to those people and are excited to share their stories with you.

The Carlson Chiropractic Patient Highlight

Meet Daniel Wermuth. A Joplin citizen and local pastor. We recently caught up with Pastor Dan to chat with him about his experience with Carlson Chiropractic.

Pre Treatment

As the lead pastor at the Joplin Family Worship Center, Daniel makes a living serving others. One day, while he was enjoying a well-deserved vacation with his family, his relaxation was interrupted when he began to feel pain in his arm. “It would send this pain through my shoulder, down my arm, and into my hand. It would happen once every couple of hours, and it started getting worse," Dan tells us.

Fearing that it was potentially something quite serious, he knew he needed to see a doctor. “I knew once I got home from vacation that I would need to see Dr. Carlson. I needed to know what was going on. It felt like it was something that was permanent.”

Dan didn’t hesitate once he felt his pain and immediately made an appointment at Carlson Chiropractic.


“As soon as I arrived home from vacation, I called and they opened up an opportunity for me to get right in.” Pastor Dan was suffering from a compressed disc in his neck that had pinched a nerve that was sending pain down his arm. “They did x-rays and recommended I try decompression.”

While compression in the discs in the spine can occur for different reasons, it will often pinch nerves that can send pain into different areas of the body. Decompression of the spine is a common treatment for this kind of pain. It works by alleviating the pressure on the spine caused by sitting, standing, and even lying down. “It was the decompression that began to alleviate the pressure and strain on the nerve. I began to experience relief after the very first treatment.” Thankfully for Dan, decompression did the trick and he was able to get back to his life without pain.

But at Carlson, we look beyond the immediate pain and look for ways to improve the health of our patients. “The thing about Carlson chiropractic is they treat the whole person. It’s not 'rack ‘em crack ‘em' chiropractic care. They care. From the moment you walk in the door, they make you feel like family. They treat you as such and care for you as such. They know everybody by name and call them by name. They remember conversations and engage you in those conversations. You are doing life with these people who are partners in health. This is the doctor that you hug after treatment because your grateful that he cares about the whole person.”

Post Treatment

Thankfully for Dan, decompression did the trick and he was able to get back to his life without pain. “Within less than 3 months I had no pain and I have had no reoccurring pain since. It brought much peace of mind to know that the treatment worked as well as it did.”

However, for Pastor Dan, the treatment didn’t end with the completion of his decompression treatment. “I am doing very well but I also know the importance of maintaining good health overall. I still see him every two weeks to do just that. It’s important to maintain overall good health. Chiropractic care is preventative as much as it is restorative.”

We are happy that Dan was able to find the relief he needed! Thank you, Dan, for your review of Carlson Chiropractic.

If you are like Dan and your neck pain is causing you pain in other areas, please contact us today and see how chiropractic care can help you find relief.

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