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Eating Healthy Isn't Enough. Prep Your Body to Absorb Nutrients.

Eating Healthy Isn't Enough. Prep Your Body to Absorb Nutrients.

Everyone knows eating healthy  and getting their recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals is important, but what if we put these into the body and cannot absorb them?


Eating healthy and preparing your body to absorb vitamins and minerals is important to your overall health.


The health of our digestive tract is crucial to our overall health.  Recently, probiotics have been gaining a lot of attention but what else can we do for our digestive health? After chewing our food, our stomach is the first line of absorption in our digestive tract.  With the standard American diet of processed foods, preservatives, and high sugar content, our stomachs have lost the ability to break down proteins normally.

Anyone who has bloating 30 minutes after a meal, has stomach pain with eating or has acid reflux needs to be evaluated for low stomach acid.  There are many natural remedies to help improve the stomach’s digestion and absorption of not only proteins but also Vitamins that require an acidic environment.

The more knowledgeable we become about inflammation, the more we recognize that it can affect EVERY system in our body.  The Digestive tract is not immune to the effects of inflammation.  Eating a whole food, low inflammatory diet that is diverse in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is a good way to keep your digestive tract healthy.

Another reason why we should eat whole foods is because it increases the amount of fiber coming into our diet. Increased fiber intake not only helps keep us regular but also decreases our chances of colorectal cancer by decreasing the amount of time that waste products travel in our bodies.

Talk to your healthcare professional today at Carlson Chiropractic Center to see which steps you can take to improve your digestive health.