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Food Sensitivity Testing Made Me A Happier, Healthier Person

Food Sensitivity Testing Made Me A Happier, Healthier Person

Since 2003 at Carlson Chiropractic Center we have worked on a hands-on approach to health care, committed to bringing each of our patients better health, and a better way of life. Through the principles of Chiropractic wellness care, we have stayed focused on prevention and helped all of our patients achieve their wellness objectives and live life to the fullest!

Those principles aren’t just something we only emphasize at the office, they truly are our way of life. I have always made it a point to try to eat lower starches and carbs, cook at home when I can, and for the most part, I thought I was doing pretty well. That is until I had my Food Sensitivity Testing done and learned to eat in a whole new way.

When we brought Dr. Mallory Province on board, I was intrigued by Food Sensitivity Testing and scheduled my consult right away. Food sensitivities impact approximately 90% of the population and most of those cases remain undiagnosed. That means millions of people are unknowingly experiencing unwanted weight gain, chronic fatigue, and digestive problems because they have a hidden food sensitivity. Dr. Province’s dramatic results after her own Food Sensitivity Testing and dietary changes had me excited to see what a difference the process could make for me.

Nothing Dr. Province said could have prepared me for what the next few months would bring. Within three months of dietary changes and supplementation, I lost 37 pounds. Now, just a few weeks later the total weight loss is 42 pounds! I am not counting calories, fat grams, points, carbs, proteins. In fact, I’m not counting anything except the decrease in pounds every time I step on the scale!

I avoid processed foods, added sugars, and focus instead on organic, whole foods. I haven’t had to quit eating the things I love, I’ve just had to remove the foods that I’m sensitive to - dairy, corn, gluten, watermelon, coconut, green olives (olive oil), lobster, and lettuce. Some of those things I knew I probably shouldn’t have been eating, but I thought some of them were actually good for me. Food Sensitivity Testing definitely gave me the knowledge I needed.

The changes I have experienced go far beyond weight loss.  I have increased energy, less brain fog, and no afternoon slump that makes me wish I could take a nap! I have experienced an 80% improvement with a skin condition, I’m seeing less hair loss, and my daily bloating is GONE!

The best part is, I no longer feel hungry all the time but when I am hungry I know what to eat and don't have any guilt about eating it.  Gone are the days of counting, I’m just eating foods that are good for me. And ultimately, I feel like I’m a better mom and wife now because I have the energy I need to take care of my family and keep up with their activities now!

Dr. Province’s Notes –

Beyond the weight loss and increased energy, Heather is experiencing some huge health benefits after removing the foods her body was sensitive to, including:

  • Total cholesterol lowered 20 points
  • Blood sugar is now regulated
  • Bad cholesterol went down 9 points and changed from the worst form into a more heart-protective form, decreased chance of plaque in the artery
  • Homocystiene is normal.  This is what causes irritation to the arteries and leads to plaque and clogging
  • Vitamin D changed from 49 to 63.  Vitamin D helps with seasonal depression, normal weight management, and is anti-viral and anti-cancer.

Overall, Heather has less risk for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. The proof is in the blood work, not only on the scale.