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Preventing Back Pain by Improving Posture

Back pain comes in a variety of different forms, but they all have one thing in common — they are deeply unpleasant. Even the mildest aches and pains in your back or spine can get in the way of your daily life, and severe back pain can be truly debilitating. While Carlson Chiropractic offers a range of treatment options for back pain, in some cases there are simple things you can do yourself to prevent back pain. For instance, did you know just how much of a difference your posture can make? Read on for helpful advice in today’s blog.

Why is Posture Important?

Your posture is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is helping to improve or prevent back pain. Your spine is the central pillar of your body, and slouching adds additional pressure to it. This pressure will lead to persistent pain and make it harder to improve your posture in the long run. Better posture also gives you more confidence, helps you breathe more fully and comfortably, helps your circulation, and helps your joints and muscles work better.

The Impact of Posture on Your Spine

Poor posture can do more than just cause back pain. Bad posture can actually change the curve of your spine, making it much more difficult to improve your posture as time passes. Your spine is what gives your body its overall support, so healthy posture will affect things like your balance, your strength, and your ability to engage in everyday physical activities. Along with aching and slouching, you also risk disc degeneration the longer you have bad posture, which can become a serious and permanent problem.

Tips for Improving Your Posture

How do you improve your posture? Depending on the cause of your posture issues, it can be harder for some than for others. However, we can offer you some simple tips that will work for most people.

Stand Up Straight

There’s a reason you’ve been told to stand up straight since you were a little kid, and it’s not just for appearances. Put your shoulders back and hold your head up, so that you’re looking straight ahead. This straightens your spine and reduces the painful pressure on troublesome aching areas of your back.

Be Careful with Heavy Lifting

If you lift heavy objects often, whether it’s at work, at home, or at the gym, it’s important to lift properly. Lifting with your back is going to damage the sensitive muscles, nerves and bones in your spine. Lifting with your legs from a squatting position, with a straight and strong back, is important in maintaining the health of your whole body.

Using Additional Support for Office Chairs

If you work in an office, it’s important that your spine is supported. The majority of standard office chairs don’t provide the best back support, even if they make claims about being “ergonomically designed”. Get a separate back support pad that can be moved and adjusted to fit your unique needs. Take frequent breaks from your desk, gently stretch on a regular basis, and consider other helpful options such as a standing desk or a kneeling chair.

Talk To Us About Back Pain Treatments

Whatever the cause of your physical pain might be, talk to Carlson Chiropractic. We can help you with manual adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, and personally tailored rehabilitation exercises. We can even offer diet plans to help improve your health and wellbeing, speeding up your treatment and giving back the quality of life you deserve.

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