Negative effects of technology on the spine

Tech Neck: The Negative Effects of Technology on Your Spine

Modern-day life is filled with technology that doesn’t have our health in mind. For many of us, neck pain and other symptoms of posture-related issues, have become a normal part of life. The truth is, while responding to our spouse or child’s text as we walk into a work meeting, the last thing on our mind is our spine care!

The reality is that many of us are putting our health aside when we mindlessly use our phones, screens, tablets at home and work. We place increased pressure on our neck, shoulders, pelvis, and back as we read or type out texts on our smartphones or tablets. In fact, according to Harvard medical experts, being absorbed in our technology and not paying attention to our posture is seriously harming our health. 

Technology Affects More Than Your Neck

"The concerns are far-reaching,” reports George B. Curry, president of the International Chiropractors Association, “and [they] extend beyond the commonly recognized ‘posture-related’ back problems expressed as pain in the lower back and neck. Chiropractors recognize how multi-faceted repercussions that postural pressures from technology use, particularly texting and other handheld device activities, will generate on the body and how they influence positioning, function and health.” 

Text neck and tech neck are two buzzwords we often hear referring to the position of head forward, shoulders rounded, and back slumped while looking down at a smartphone or screen. In fact, according to some surveys, as many as 67% of cell phone users complain of neck pain associated with their mobile devices. 

But the use of technology can also cause pain and injury to other sections of the spine and lower body. In a kind of chain reaction, the posture of holding your head at an angle, looking down at your smartphone or tablet, causes strain on your upper spine. This, in turn, can cause your lower spine to compress and cause lower back pain. Lower back pain can be the culprit of knee and even ankle pain!

Proven Solutions of Chiropractic Care

The International Chiropractic Association urges people to be aware of the ramifications of technology on posture. Not only can it affect your spinal positioning, but your overall health and wellbeing. While many “chiropractor-approved” exercises can relieve pain, seeking chiropractic care is a proven way to combat future injury and find immediate relief.  

If you are noticing pain and health issues that might be associated with your use of computers and cell phones, contact us to assess and suggest a plan to help you use technology in a healthy way!

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