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Your Health and Wellness: Speed Walking for Weight Loss and Beyond

Your Health and Wellness: Speed Walking for Weight Loss and Beyond

Speed walking is a general term for just walking fast. While some think that running is your best option, walking is an incredibly healthy solution people of every age and fitness level can enjoy.

Most start speed walking for weight loss, but the health benefits can be realized even without changing the number on the scale. If your goal includes losing a few pounds be sure to change up your walking routines and speeds. Your week should consist of short and long walks at interval speeds. The one thing people forget to add to this regimen is one day of weight training. Mixing up your walking not only builds your aerobic capacity but also can keep you from becoming bored - which is the enemy of healthy habits. If you've already committed to an improved diet, walking can transform your efforts into sustainable weight loss. (If your diet is less than great, be sure to check out this blog!)

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As chiropractors, we're interested in the long-term health of your spine. Walking, no matter the speed is a sure way to increase your mobility and lubricate the spine. The benefits you might not notice are the strengthening of the muscles in the feet, legs, hips, and torso. All of that strength training increases the stability of the spine and helps share the burden of keeping your body in an upright position - a feat we simply take for granted. 

Walking just 20 minutes a day can provide you with immediate benefits beyond your spinal health. Heart health and blood sugar levels get a great boost from this regular activity. Making small changes today can provide big payoffs in your health tomorrow. Just start walking today.

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